Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Died: January 29, 2009
Agatha's House, New York City
Occupation: Psychic
Voice actor: Jodie Forrest
One need not have eyes to see.

– Agatha to Lucas after he discovers she's blind

Agatha is a psychic that Lucas Kane visits for help in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

After hearing of Lucas' crime and his refusal to turn himself in to the police or seek professional help, Markus Kane instead recommends a psychic to help his brother. Agatha aids Lucas in remembering the events leading up to the murder at Doc's Diner, including his meeting with the real killer, the Oracle of the Orange Clan.

The next time Lucas visits Agatha, she is found lying dead on the floor, possibly murdered by the Oracle. The A.I of the Purple Clan then takes on her form to trick Lucas into helping them retrieve the Indigo Child for themselves.

Character InformationEdit

Much background information is unknown about Agatha. It is also unknown what her last name is. She has a liking for her pet birds and cares for them tenderly, fond of their patience while being in cages. She uses a wheelchair and is blind and also wears a red dress.


Agatha helps Lucas "see" back into the past at the time of the murder he falsely committed. After being told of Agatha from Markus, Lucas arrives at her apartment in hopes of finding who made him murder John Winston in the diner. Agatha first considers that Lucas may be insane, but changes her opinion once she feels the scars on Lucas's wrists, knowing the two-headed serpent held deeper meaning. After assisting Lucas in seeing into his past, she begins to realize the true mastermind behind the restaurant murder. She still remains unsure and tells Lucas to come back.

The next day, before Lucas comes to visit her, the Oracle kills Agatha in her house to prevent her from exposing the Orange Clan to Lucas, then calls the police to lure them to going to Agatha's house, and then escapes. Luckily, Agatha left a hint for Lucas in one of her bird cages- a news article from 1928 about a murder strikingly similar to the one in the diner.


After she is murdered, she is disguised by the Artificial Intelligence in hopes of guiding Lucas to find the Indigo Child before the Orange Clan does.

Appears InEdit

(As A.I)


  • She is the only character you can use as a pick up-able item (you can push her wheelchair).


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