Anton Janos
Status: Alive
Occupation: Asylum Patient
Affiliation: Bellevue Asylum
Voice actor: Paul Bandey
The world's is not what you think it is, The Orange Clan are secretly running everything.

– Janos informs Carla of the orange clan's presence.

Anton Janos is a minor character who had been involved in the Kirsten case as the killer and committed into Bellevue Asylum in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

Character InformationEdit

After being sent a mysterious email from an unknown sender with no title and simply saying, "It's all happened before... Kirsten.", Carla Valenti is driven to find out more about the Kirsten case and meets with the former investigator of the case, which lead her to meeting with Kirsten's killer at the asylum.

Janos claims to be innocent to the murder and that he continually receives visions of the true killer's ongoing murders around New York City, and even accurately recounts the details of a recent murder-suicide at a Laundromat. Janos is seen heavily secured in a chair in his cell room, wearing an orange outfit and having bad teeth, with some black stains on him.

Kirsten CaseEdit

Some time before, a man named Kirsten was shopping at the local supermarket in the kitchen accessories aisle when a stranger stabbed him three times to the heart, severing his arteries. His killer, Anton Janos, had carved a two-headed snake on each forearm than sat beside Kirsten to wait to be apprehended by the police. It was deemed temporary insanity but he was committed into Bellevue Asylum for his talk of visions, possession, government conspiracies and the end of the world.

The lead detective of the case at the time was Robert Mitchell, who was intrigued by what caused such a man, with no prior history of drugs or mental illness, to commit the murder. There, he accidentally came across other similar cases where the victim was killed by severing the heart's three arteries while the killer carved the same symbol of the snake and either ended up arrested, committed into a mental institution or died by suicide. Each case was locked up tight and Mitchell ended up being pulled from the case and instead offered the job as an instructor at the academy, which he took, but he always thought about the case.


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  • Janos is the second known victim of The Oracle's spell not to kill themselves, the other is Lucas Kane.                                     
  • Both Lucas Kane and Janos have had premonitions of the events at the Laundromat.,
  • He has drawings graffitied onto his cell walls, a series of swirls. It's unknown why Janos draws this.
  • The voice actor for Janos Anton, Paul Bandey, also voices Dimitri Kuriakin and Bogart.
    • Bandey has also voiced as Leighton Perry from Heavy Rain, another Quantic Dream game.
    • He also voiced in Beyond: Two Souls as a minor role.



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