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I am not a murderer, Markus. You're the only person I can trust. I'm just asking you to believe me.

Lucas Kane confessing the murder to his brother, Markus

Confession is the fourth chapter in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. It can either be the fourth or fifth chapter depending on the player's choice.


After calling his brother to meet at the park, Lucas arrives to find Markus waiting and standing anxiously in the cold. Lucas quickly confesses his crime, and depending on the player’s actions actions, he will either explain the murder, possession, visions or of the fact he had injured himself when carving a serpent onto his arms. Markus becomes visibly distraught and doubtful, questioning whether he was doing drugs or is mentally ill and will either advise for his brother to submit to the authorities or a hospital. This only frustrates Lucas and causes him to shout that he still never listens to him. Before they depart, Markus will offer a crucifix and Lucas can either accept it and express gratitude or reject it and responds that he’ll need more than a crucifix to help him.

As Lucas is leaving the park, he suddenly has a premonition of the child ahead of him playing near the frozen lake and falling through the ice. Lucas can either save the child and be recognized by the approaching police officers or not save the child and never be able to look himself in the reflection again without feeling guilt.


Mental Health actions[]


  • +10: Meeting with Markus
  • +20: Saving the drowning child


  • -5: Choosing "AGRESSIVE" if Markus suggest Lucas is "SICK"
  • -10: Choosing "BREAKOff"
  • -30: Walking away from the drowning kid


  • If Lucas saves the child from drowning in the lake and successfully resuscitate him, Officer McCarthy will recognize Lucas as the Doc's Diner murderer but allow him to leave the scene. McCarthy will later confess to Carla about this incident.
  • Accepting Markus’s crucifix will grant the player an extra life.

Game Over[]

  • If Lucas runs into McCarthy after the boy falls in, he will recognize him and arrest him.
  • If Lucas takes too long to rescue the boy, he will drown.
  • If Lucas fails to resuscitate the boy, McCarthy will recognize him and arrest him.
  • If Lucas' mental state reaches 0, he will surrender himself to the police. (Rewarding the Trophy Nowhere to Run)