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Haven't had such a cold winter in ages... I hate winter. Everything is silent, motionless, as if everything was dead. Hope it doesn't last long.

– Carla reflects about temperature drastic drop

Dark Omen is the nineteenth chapter in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.


Investigation about Doc's Diner murder continues. While Tyler is at the Police Station, trying to understand the nature of the numbers on the bookmark left by the killer, Carla is in her apartment. Soon, the two policemen understand that the bookmark numbers are stock quotes printed in a bank of which, however, they cannot identify the name.

Tommy, Carla's neighbor and a banking office employee, comes for a courtesy visit. Carla then decides to get help from him, discovering that it's possible to identify the name of the bank by seeing its ID numbers printed in watermark, on the document.

Carla and Tyler then organize a raid at Naser & Jones Bank to question the suspects, the next day.


Mental Health Actions[]



  • +20: Asking Tommy about stock quotes code numbers on bookmark
  • +10: Resting on the bed
  • +5: Eating pizza
  • +5: Having a wine toast with Tommy
  • +5: Receiving visit from Tommy
  • +5: Talking about Tommy's life
  • +5: Urinating
  • +5: Watching TV


  • -10: See the results of last two cards during cartomancy
  • -10: See the results of penultimate two cards during cartomancy
  • -5: See the results of first two cards during cartomancy
  • -5: See the results of third and fourth card during cartomancy
  • -5: Talking about Carla's work
  • -5: Talking about Carla's life



  • +10: Finding out bookmark code numbers are stock quotes
  • +10: Identifying bank numeric ID with watermarks on bookmark
  • +5: Drinking coffee
  • +5: Drinking water
  • +5: Faxing bookmark to Carla
  • +5: Playing basketball


  • -20: Getting tired and yawning (each time)


As game over[]

  • In this chapter, due to sleep loss and fatigue, Tyler will get "-20" mental health points every 2 minutes circa: if the mental health counter reaches zero, it will be game over, as Tyler steps down as a cop and travels to Florida with his girlfriend, Sam.