Dimitri Kuriakin
Status: Dependent on Player
Occupation: Professor
Affiliation: Museum
Voice actor: Paul Bandey
The Codex speaks of the coming of a child, a prophet, the answer to all of life's questions. The Oracle kills to find the child.

– Kuriakin, with his dying breath

Professor Dimitri Kuriakin is a character in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and the one who reveals the origins and purpose of the Oracle to Lucas Kane.

Character InformationEdit

Professor Kuriakin first appears on television during The Fugitive chapter, speaking about the ancient Mayan civiliazation. Lucas sees this as a fugitive, hiding out in his ex-girlfriend's apartment, and desperate for answers, visits Kuriakin at the Museum under the guise of a journalist conducting an interview.

There, Kuriakin speaks of human sacrifices, gods and of an oracle. It's all strikingly similar to Lucas' situation, such as the Mayan god, Quechnitian being a serpent with two heads, an image which Lucas had carved onto his forearms while under possession. And of an oracle who performs human sacrifices, using a proxy to commit the deed of stabbing the victim into the heart three times.

Depending on the players actions, Kuriakin may become suspicious of Lucas and fetch a nearby guard or believe Lucas' story and trust him, and will either stay behind or go with him into the parking lot where he will die after being pushed onto the ground and out of the way of a rushing vehicle. His dying breath is spent on telling Lucas about the Indigo Child.

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  • Lucas uses the fake name "John Cunningham" when meeting Kuriakin.
  • Kuriakin is a professor at the Meso-American university and a renowned specialist on the Mayan civlization.
  • The voice actor for Dimitri Kuriakin, Paul Bandey, also voices Bogart and Anton Janos.
    • Bandey has also voiced as Leighton Perry from Heavy Rain, another David Cage game.
    • He also voiced in Beyond: Two Souls as a minor role.