I still don't know if it was fatigue, the cold or something else, but I clearly remember the bad feeling I got when I walked in that restaurant, as if some part of me already knew that this time, something was different.

– Carla Valenti arriving on the murder crime scene

Investigation is the second chapter of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. As the second chapter of the game, it introduces the other two protagonist of the plot, police agents Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles.


An hour after the murder, agents Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, called by officer McCarthy, arrive and begin investigations about the death of John Winston in Doc's Diner baths.

After collecting some criminal evidence, formulating clues and asking questions to the waitress, Kate Morrison, Valenti and Miles decide to continue the investigation later in the morning.


Mental Health actionsEdit



  • +5: Check the pay phone to have Frank check into the call records
  • +5: Go behind the bar and find the coffee, then drink some
  • +5: Find the cab outside the diner
  • +5: Find the blood on the floor in the left stall
  • +10: Find the book underneath Lucas's table
  • +10: Find the knife (if Tyler doesn't)


  • -5: Talk to Bogart (the bum) behind the diner
  • -10: Try to open the back door from the outside
  • -10: If Tyler urinates while Carla's in the bathroom



  • +5: Talk to Frank, the morgue guy on the right
  • +5: Talk to Garret, the morgue guy on the left
  • +5: Drink some coffee behind the bar (pour it first if Carla didn't)
  • +5: Use the pay phone to call your girlfriend
  • +5: Talk to Martin, the off-duty cop
  • +10: Find the knife (if Carla doesn't)


  • -5: Play a song on the juke box to piss off Carla
  • -10: Talk to Bogart (the bum) behind the diner
  • -10: Try to open the back door from the outside
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