Is everything ok, Lucas? You look stressed.

Tiffany Harper noting Lucas' altered mood

Lost Love is the ninth chapter in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.


After the incident during work at Naser and Jones Bank, Lucas returns to his apartment in the evening.

Discouraged and confused, he welcomes his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Harper, who is passing by to take back some of her belongings she left behind in the apartment when she broke up with Lucas.

In the meantime a composite sketch of Lucas' face, provided by Kate Morrison, is disclosed: thus the manhunt officially begins.


Mental Health ActionsEdit

Positive Edit

  • +30: Having sex with Tiffany
  • +10: Succeed in playing guitar well under Tiffany request
  • +10: Serving Tiffany a drink
  • +10: Sleeping before Tiffany arrives
  • +10: Succeed in practicing with punching bag
  • +10: Taking painkillers
  • +5: Drinking alcohol once
  • +5: Drinking milk
  • +5: Lucas telling Tiffany he misses her
  • +5: Listening to music
  • +5: Tiffany offering her help to Lucas
  • +5: Urinating

Negative Edit

  • -30: Tiffany leaving because of Lucas tries to kiss her at the wrong moment
  • -20: Dreaming about Jade
  • -20: Drinking alcohol more than once
  • -10: Tiffany leaving because of Lucas showing aggressive behavior
  • -10: Watching news on TV about the completion of the composite sketch
  • -5: Lucas watching his family portrait

Game OverEdit

  • If the Mental Health status bar hits 0, Lucas will commit suicide by jumping off his apartment railing.
  • If Lucas takes painkillers and then drinks alcohol, he will enter a deadly coma.


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