I'm in charge of computer maintenance at the Naser and Jones Bank.

– Lucas Kane

The Naser and Jones Bank is a location in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. It's a large office space filled with cubicles where most of the employees work. In the top left corner of the main building there is a seperate office where Lucas and Warren work. The bank also has a large unisex bathroom.


Lucas is an employee at the bank and is in charge of computer maintenance and shares his work station with Warren, a fellow co-worker. The bank has several advanced computers, especially in Lucas' office. During the game's early chapters, Lucas has strange psychotic episodes inside the bank involving digital bugs that attempt to kill him. However, his co-workers wake him up before the bugs can do any damage, which Lucas tries to brush off as an "epileptic episode".

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Lucas sitting down in his office.

The Naser and Jones bank is also seen when Carla Valenti or Tyler Miles (depending on earlier choices) drop by to question Lucas. During the interview, Lucas is distracted by the bugs once again, causing him distress and briefly leave the room to wash up. The detective will then have a chance to collect extra evidence from Lucas' desk, including a torn piece of paper and 'The Tempest' by Shakespeare.

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