The Oracle
Gender: Male
Status: Player determined
Affiliation: The Orange Clan
Voice actor: Christian Erikson
Few men are capable of resisting an Oracle. What is so different about you?

– The Oracle to Lucas Kane

The Oracle is the main antagonist of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and the one who sets the story in motion by possessing his latest victim and story's protagonist, Lucas Kane, to murder John Winston in the restroom of a local diner.

Character InformationEdit

The Oracle appears as a hooded figure who continually attempts to take the life of Lucas after the the Doc's Diner murder case. These attempts are done through visions that occur when Lucas is either awake or asleep, although when it all fails, the Oracle eventually lures Lucas to the Fun Fair where he causes Lucas to fall to his death.

It's later revealed the Oracle is from a long-extinct Mayan civilization, where the Oracle served as a mystic liaison and possessed long life and supernatural powers. The Oracle works for the Orange Clan by locating the Indigo Child, a secret society that seeks the prophesied Child to gain unlimited power. The Oracle accomplishes the task of finding the Child by performing a ritualistic sacrifice, murdering seven people every seven years for two thousand years. But since the Oracle cannot dirty his hands, he appoints an executor at random and a victim at random, causing the series of murders in and around New York City.

If, at the end, the Oracle is the one to receive unlimited power by Jade, the Indigo Child, the world will revert back to normal. The cold will disappear with no apparent changes. But Lucas knows the Orange Clan will someday resurface and that will just be the beginning of things.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

the Oracle seems to possess powers similar to Kane's except he seems more versatile and creative in their uses, he displays abilities of manipulating objects without physically touching them, telekinesis, making people forget who he is mentally through telepathy as well as controlling them, propelling himself through the air at will, flight, as well as teleportation, traversing to other locations without physical movement, he also seems to be an expert in hand to hand combat and is in an enhanced state of condition having supreme strength, speed and agility, being able to fight evenly with the resurrected Kane whom is taught in martial arts.

It's revealed that later on in the game, the Oracle possessed lengthened longevity, living for at least 2,000 years, it's unknown as to how he was able to live for this long.



  • An early version of the Oracle had him wearing a black scarf.
  • The Oracle and John Winston are both voiced by Christian Erikson.


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