The Oracle
Gender: Apparently male
Age: 500–4000 ca.
Status: Player determined
Born: Early–20th century BC to
Early–15th century AD ca.
Affiliation: The Orange Clan
Voice actor: Christian Erikson
Nobody knows. Nobody sees him. He leaves no trace in peoples' memories. But I know, I know he exists. He is among us, invisible. He is everywhere.

Anton Janos describing the Oracle

The Oracle is the main antagonist of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and the one who sets the story in motion by possessing the plot's protagonist, Lucas Kane, to murder John Winston in the restroom of Doc's Diner.

Role in the plotEdit

Character backgroundEdit

The Mayan civilization, with which the Oracle shares its origins, spanned a dominion time of over 3500 years, across different periods, each with the human sacrifice and jaguar-worship peculiarities, before collapsing because of the Spanish conquest.

This would mean the Oracle is born somewhere from early–20th century BC to early–15th century AD circa. Being Fahrenheit plot set in 2009, this would make the Oracle an entity 500 to 4000 years old circa.

It's implied that for most part of his existence the Oracle has served the Orange Clan secret society in the search for the prophesied Indigo Child to give his masters unlimited powers. This research has kept him busy for centuries at least.

To locate the Child, the Oracle must perform ritualistic Mayan sacrifices, murdering seven people every seven years. But since the Oracle must not get his hands dirty, he appoints both a random executor and victim. Before the sacrifice, the Oracle takes mind control over the appointed executor, through possession, controlling and causing him to carve a two-headed snake on each of him forearms. Subsequently, the victim is attacked and its arteries severed with three stabs, using absolute precision. The sacrifice ends with the executor's suicide.

The more ritual sacrifices are committed, going forward in the centuries, the more the Oracle will be able to make clear when and where the Indigo Child could be found.

Events prior to 2009Edit

One of the documented killings involving the Oracle is a November 1928 murder case in n New York City: a man killed an innocent victim with several stabs to the heart during daylight, resembling a Mayan ritual in all its peculiarities. Almost identical, but more recent, was the Alan Kirsten murder case in 1988. The executor appointed by the Oracle, in this case, was Anton Janos.

In both cases, the two executors survived although they should have died, as instead originally planned.

Events in 2009Edit

In January 2009, the Oracle opens a new season of human sacrifices. The first of these is the Doc's Diner murder case, on January 27, involving Lucas Kane as the executor and John Winston as the sacrificial victim. However, as happened with the executors in 1928 and 1988, Kane survives and starts digging for answers to the conspiracy hatched by the Orange Clan.

Kane's rising supernatural powers, ability to escape the law – which seeks him as a wanted murderer – and his stubborn determination attract the attention of the Oracle, who tries to kill him in different ways, succeeding on January 31 at the Fun Fair. At the same time the Oracle continues the chain of sacrificial murders: an appointed executor, Jose Lopez, murders a victim, Anita Martinez, then kills himself as planned.

However, Kane is not really killed. He receives unexpected help which allows him to remain "alive", despite being technically dead. On February 28, Kane learns, from the Invisibles humanist faction, the truth about the conspiracy hatched by the Orange Clan. Determined to defeat the Oracle, he heads to the Wishita Military Base for the final battle.


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If, at the end, the Oracle is the one to receive unlimited power by Jade, the Indigo Child, the world will revert back to normal. The cold will disappear and climate will go back to normal, with no apparent changes to the social status quo. Personally, Lucas isn't sure what's going to happen after that. He and his wife, detective Carla Valenti, are trying to lead normal lives, as though nothing had ever happened. Lucas still sees through the eyes of the Oracle from time to time.

Lucas knows that what he went through was just the beginning.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Oracle possesses powers similar to Lucas Kane's, except he is more versatile, creative and at ease in using them. He displays abilities of telekinesis, telepathy, mental control and amnesia induction. He is also capable of flying, as well as using teleportation, thus moving to other locations without physical movement, and turning invisible to peoples' eyes.

He is an expert in hand to hand combat and owns an enhanced physical condition, exercising super strength, speed and agility.



  • An early version of the Oracle had him wearing a black scarf.
  • The Oracle and John Winston are both voiced by Christian Erikson.
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