The Orange Clan speaking with the Oracle

The Orange Clan is a secret organization that controls the world and the ones responsible for the series of murders in New York City in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

The Orange and Purple Clans both have a common goal in finding the Indigo Child, a special child that had been prophesized for thousands of years who will grant an individual unlimited power. For this reason, the clans are rivals.

The Orange Clan are able to locate the Indigo Child through the Oracle, an ancient Mayan who possesses supernatural abilities. He accomplishes the task of searching for the Child by committing human sacrifices, possessing a completely random person to murder another person by three stabs to the chest.

The Oracle's most recent victims consists of Lucas Kane and John Winston where the crime took place at Doc's Diner. Since Lucas had not died by suicide or committed into a mental institution like other victims of the past, Lucas is able to see through the eyes of the Oracle and possibly find the Indigo Child himself, causing the Orange Clan to feel threatened and order his death.

If, at the end, the Oracle is the one to receive unlimited power by Jade, the Indigo Child, the world will revert back to normal. The cold will disappear with no apparent changes. But Lucas knows the Orange Clan will someday resurface and that will just be the beginning of things.


  • Oracle
  • Arctic and Urban Soldiers


  • The Orange Clan may be a reference to the Illuminati, a single totalitarian world government that secretly runs things. They are also responsible for covering up the conspiracy surrounding the murders.