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I've got this really bad habit for a cop: once i start working on a case. I can't think of anything else. I'm exhausted. I haven't gotten a wink of sleep all night. Something is bothering me about this murder. but i just can't seem to put my finger on what it is.

– Carla Valenti regarding the murder case

Police Work is the fifth chapter in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. It can either be the fourth or fifth mission depending on the player's choice.


8 hours have passed since the investigation at Doc's Diner.

Carla goes to work at the Police Station, and calls Tyler since he is running late. Carla can notice a strange email on her computer, telling her to investigate a file labeled "Kirsten".

Tyler may choose to postponed the call and stay in bed longer with his girlfriend, Sam. If so, Carla will call him again, and this time he'll have to leave. Tyler showers and gets dressed for work. On his way out, Sam once again expresses her concern for Tyler working as a police officer. Tyler can be understanding or resentful. Sam will then propose the idea that they could move to Florida with her parents and live a normal life. Tyler can either convince her that that life is not for him and that he is making the world a better place, or he can be aggressive and tell her that he won't. Regardless, he leaves and makes his way to the police station.

Tyler arrives at the station and makes his way to his office. Before he can enter, Jeffery confronts Tyler about the $100 he owes him. The two then settle on an agreement, they'll play a game of basketball later, for double or nothing.

Tyler and Carla meet with Garrett, who confirms the DNA evidence on the knife matches both the victim and surprisingly, the killer.


Mental Health actions[]



  • +5: Drink a cup of coffee from a vending machine in-between the two office entrances
  • +5: Drink water from the cooler in your office
  • +5: Complete 1 "Around-the-world" trick with the yo-yo on Carla's desk


  • -5: Notice your watch and that Tyler is still not at work
  • -5: Talk with Jeffrey
  • -5: See the email on Carla's computer labeled "No title" about "Kirsten"



  • +5: Look in the mirror
  • +5: Look at Sam while she's asleep in bed
  • +20: Make love with Sam
  • +5: Play a record on the player
  • +5: Urinate
  • +5: Take a shower
  • +10: Choose "TENDER" or "UNDERSTANDING" when talking with Sam
  • +10: Choose "CONVINCING" or "CONCILIATORY" when talking with Sam
  • +10: Kiss Sam goodbye
  • +5: Interact with the basketball
  • +5: Drink water from the cooler
  • +5: Drink a cup of coffee from the blue machine


  • -10: Carla calls a second time (Happens if Tyler makes love with Sam)
  • -10: Choose "IRONIC" or "UPSET" when talking to Sam
  • -20: Choose "AGGRESIVE" or "FIRM" when talking to Sam
  • -30: Leave before kissing Sam
  • -5: Talk with Jeffery


Game Over[]

  • If Tyler's mental state hits 0, he will resign from the police and leave New York with Sam.