The Purple Clan are a group of artificial intelligence that have recently emerged at the coming of the Indigo Child in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. They are the secondary antagonists.

Character InformationEdit

The Orange and Purple Clans both have a common goal in finding the Indigo Child, a special child that had been prophesied for thousands of years who will grant an individual unlimited power. For this reason, the clans are rivals.

But a problem The A.I of the Purple Clan has is It isn't able to locate the Indigo Child himself, whereas the Orange Clan has the Oracle who possesses supernatural abilities to accomplish this. As such, the Purple Clan resorts to stalking and manipulating the Oracle's most recent victim, Lucas Kane, whose living means he is able to receive the same visions as the Oracle and also, coincidentally, possesses powers from a Chroma Source.

The A.I takes on the appearance of Agatha to manipulate Lucas into trusting and helping them, and when he's killed by the Oracle, they resurrect him to continue their plans. After Lucas finds Jade, the Indigo Child, at an Orphanage and returns her to the A.I, the A.I will discard his disguise and reveal his true form.


If, at the end, the A.I is the one to receive unlimited power by Jade, the world will be thrown into a second ice age and they will hunt down any surviving humans who have taken refuge underground. Lucas will then live with The Invisibles in their Underground Secret Base with his new wife, Carla Valenti, and their newborn child, the Second Indigo Child.

If the Oracle wins the final battle, the A.I will revert back to silently stalking people on the internet.


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