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Robert Mitchell
Gender: Male
Age: 46–49 ca.
Status: Alive
Born: Early–1960s ca.
Occupation: Academy Instructor
Affiliation: NYPD
Title: Sergeant
Voice actor: Allen Wenger
Young lady I haven't worked in investigation for a long time.

– Sergeant Mitchell to Carla Valenti regarding his help toward the case

Robert Mitchell is an instructor at the police academy and former investigator involved in the Kirsten case in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. He is seen at a shooting range where Carla Valenti consults with him concerning the old case and where she learns many things that would point to the existence of the Orange Clan and Oracle.

Role in the plot[]

Kirsten Case[]

In 1988 a man, Alan Kirsten, was shopping at the local supermarket in the kitchen accessories aisle when a stranger stabbed him three times to the heart, severing his arteries. His killer, Anton Janos, had carved a two-headed snake on each forearm than sat beside Kirsten to wait to be apprehended by the police. It was deemed temporary insanity but he was committed into Bellevue Asylum for his talk of visions, possession, government conspiracies and the end of the world.

Robert Mitchell was appointed lead detective on the case and was intrigued by what caused such a man, with no prior history of drugs or mental illness, to commit the murder. There, he accidentally came across other similar cases where the victim was killed by severing the heart's three arteries while the killer carved the same symbol of the snake and either ended up arrested, committed into a mental institution or died by suicide. Each case was locked up tight and Mitchell ended up being pulled from the case and instead offered the job as an instructor at the academy, which he took, but he always thought about the case.

Doc's Diner murder case[]

In January 2009, after the Doc's Diner murder case happened, Carla Valenti is sent a mysterious email by The Invisibles who point her in the direction of the Kirsten case, and after finding nothing as it was classified, was lead to meeting directly with the former investigator and the killer, Anton Janos, to find out there were numerous other identical cases and it may have something to do with the Orange Clan, a secret government who seeks ultimate power by the Indigo Child.

It's later revealed in the story that the Orange Clan is real and are trying to gain unlimited power by finding a Child, the Indigo Child whose coming has been prophesied for two thousand years. The murders are actually human sacrifices performed by an ancient Mayan Oracle who appears as a hooded figure and possesses long life and supernatural powers. He chooses an executor and victim at random seven times every seven years for two thousand years to receive visions of the Child's location.


  • Appears in the Questions and Bullets episode.
  • Sergeant Mitchell will either praise or criticize the player for their effort in the Questions & Bullets episode.
  • Sergeant Mitchell often visits the firing range at the police university.
  • Other cases similar to the Kirsten case is the Doc's Diner murder and Laudromat murder-suicide.