Second Indigo Child
Gender: Unknown
Age: 3 Months (present at 2009)
Status: Alive
Born: Approximately 2010
Occupation: Indigo Child
Affiliation: The Invisibles
In my dreams, I hear voices telling me that our child is the next Indigo Child, the savior of humanity.

– Lucas on his unborn child

The Second Indigo Child is the unborn child of Lucas Kane and Carla Valenti, and successor to Jade, in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. The child is currently gestating in Carla's womb, and as such doesn't have a name, nor is the gender known.

Character InformationEdit

The child was originally conceived when Lucas and Carla, succumbing to their respective feelings for one-another, slept with each other in a private area of the Invisible's base. Later, when they went to Wishita Military Base to confront the Purple Clan and Orange Clan one more time over Jade's secret, Carla follows Lucas inside and has the chance to give aid. Regardless of the outcome, Carla, unknowingly impregnated at the time, is irradiated by the Chroma Artifact. This means the child will have the same abilities as Lucas (who too received his abilities this way). Contrary to the last predecessor, if the A.I wins the final battle, the child is meant to live and become the savior of humanity.

Carla discovered she was pregnant three months after the child's conception, by this time (regardless of the ending), Carla and Lucas were married and living together.

Indigo ProphecyEdit

The Indigo Prophecy was a prophecy that foretold the coming of a Child who would hold a secret that, when told to someone, would grant them unlimited power. For two thousand years, this Child was sought after by various groups until eventually being found. This Child would determine the future of mankind for the next ten thousand years.


  • "Yesterday, she (Carla) told me that she is pregnant. It must've been that night in Bogart's underground base. That means that our child was radiated by the Chroma at Wishita. Just like I was in my mother's womb."
  • "In my dreams, I hear voices telling me that our child is the next Indigo Child, the savior of humanity. I try not to listen. For the time being, all I care about is protecting my wife and my child."